Introducing the Ondo Ecosystem Directory

Introducing the Ondo Ecosystem Directory

Ondo Finance is proud to unveil our directory for the Ondo Ecosystem – the set of partners aligned with our mission of bringing institutional-grade financial products and services to everyone, including a network of strong partnerships with leading providers across liquidity, custody, and other key onchain services. This directory will help us shine the spotlight on these exceptional partners and introduce our clients to reputable players in our space who can help them achieve their goals.

Collaboration in Action.

Crypto is about breaking barriers and building bridges, literally. The heart of the Ondo Ecosystem is this collaborative spirit: to work together to catalyze the next wave of groundbreaking projects that are building the future of finance on public blockchains.

As such, we partner with trusted providers of liquidity, custody, infrastructure, and other services, both onchain and off – to help our clients achieve their goals.

Trust and Integrity. Not Just Buzzwords.

Trust, but verify. Safety is paramount within the realm of onchain finance. Trust, integrity, and risk management are not just marketing buzzwords. They are foundational principles for Ondo Finance. Ondo Finance commits to protect investors and provide full transparency into the entire lifecycle of our assets. As such, we work with leading custodians, asset managers, trust companies, and fund administrators such as Morgan Stanley, BlackRock, Ankura Trust, Clear Street, and NAV Consulting.

Liquidity. Liquidity. Liquidity.

The crypto market has grown exponentially, but liquidity – a key driver of growth and the key metric of market vitality – remains a critical challenge.

The Ondo Ecosystem addresses this challenge by fostering a collaborative, reliable environment where capital flows seamlessly across an interoperable network of liquidity providers, including centralized exchanges, OTC desks, and DeFi protocols. An interoperable network backed by public blockchains.

Token holders can now get 24/7 liquidity from CEXs such as Bybit, OTC desks such as Wintermute, and DeFi protocols such as Uniswap.  

Utility. Utility. Utility.

Transacting in a tokenized world means working with multiple public blockchains with different approaches to blockchain technology. Ondo Finance makes this seamless by working with leading layer 1 and layer 2 platforms – such as Ethereum, Solana, Mantle, and Polygon – and natively bridging tokens using the Ondo Bridge, powered by Ondo Finance and bridging technology like Axelar.

Get Involved

In summary, we believe in creating a future where finance is accessible and empowering. The Ondo Ecosystem is about opening doors to the endless possibilities blockchain brings to traders, investors, and the entire crypto world.

Trade where you want. Custody your assets with your trusted partner. Bridge your tokens to your chain of choice. Hold your capital in a yield-bearing stablecoin substitute, or pledge it as yield-accruing collateral. The future is up to you.

The Ondo Ecosystem is a testament to our commitment to trust, innovation, and collaboration.  Ondo Finance invites like-minded organizations to join us on this exciting journey.  Together, we can shape the future of onchain liquidity and propel the industry to new heights.

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About Ondo Finance

Ondo Finance provides institutional-grade, blockchain-enabled investment products and services. Ondo has an asset management arm that creates and manages tokenized financial products as well as a technology arm that develops decentralized finance protocols and blockchain solutions. 

Ondo’s first core products are tokenized cash equivalents that deliver very low risk, high quality yield from U.S. Treasuries, money market funds, and similar instruments, offering on-chain investors an alternative to stablecoins where holders rather than issuers earn the vast majority of the underlying asset yield. 

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