Ondo Raises $20M in Series A investment round led by Founders Fund and Pantera Capital

Ondo Raises $20M in Series A investment round led by Founders Fund and Pantera Capital

We’re delighted to announce that Ondo Finance has raised $20M in Series A funding to accelerate the adoption of DeFi through the servicing of key stakeholders, including decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), institutions, and retail investors.

The equity round was led by Peter Theil’s Founders Fund, and Pantera Capital. Strategic investors joined the round including Coinbase Ventures, GoldenTree, Wintermute, Steel Perlot, Tiger Global, and Flow Traders, among others.

The funding will allow Ondo to continue to build our world-class team, while supporting the development of additional products with the aim of increasing the breadth, usefulness, and accessibility of our offerings. We will also soon be launching the ONDO token, with associated DAO governance to follow.

What is Ondo?

Ondo Finance is building a decentralized investment bank. Like a traditional investment bank, Ondo aims to be a hub matching those who have capital with those who need it through the creation of customized financial products (e.g. equities, bonds, structured products, derivatives, etc.) that organizations can offer to investors to raise money. Historically, this work has often been highly manual, expensive, and reliant on intermediaries.

Decentralized finance (DeFi), however, presents novel infrastructure and financial primitives to enable investment banking activities that are automated, composable, and accessible to everyone. Ondo's focus is to build software that finds attractive investments across the traditional and DeFi landscape, repackages these assets into easily understood risk/reward offerings, and then matches and offers these assets to both institutional and retail investors.

For more information on how Ondo works, visit “Introducing Ondo Finance” or read our full documentation. You can access the Ondo web application at https://ondo.finance/.

Our Investors

We are extremely grateful for the continued support of our venture and angel investors as we work together to bridge the worlds of decentralized and traditional financial services.

Paul Veradittakit, Partner at Pantera Capital:

"The growth of algorithmic stablecoins and expansion of DeFi from Ethereum to other blockchains has led to tremendous yield opportunities but with greater complexity and risks. Ondo will make it possible for investors to get passive exposure to this increasingly scattered but abundant yield while receiving downside protection or enhanced returns."

Napoleon Ta, Partner at Founders Fund:

"We're incredibly impressed with the early success of Ondo's structured products and we're excited to see the team expand its offering. Built by a world-class team at the intersection of crypto and institutional finance, Ondo is well-positioned to be a preeminent player in the continued ascent of DeFi into mainstream adoption."

Behind Ondo

Ondo is being developed by a team of traditional banking veterans and DeFi experts. Our team includes alumni from Goldman Sachs Digital Assets and Blockchain R&D, Facebook, Microsoft, Symbiont, BadgerDAO, private equity funds, hedge funds, and various venture-backed start-ups.

If you are interested in joining our team, we are hiring for full-time roles and would love to hear from you.

Keep up with Ondo

We have a lot of exciting announcements coming up, including new products and the launch of the ONDO token and associated governance.

If you haven’t already done so, we’d love you to join our growing community on Telegram and Twitter.

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