Ondo Monthly Spotlight: January 2024

Ondo Monthly Spotlight: January 2024

Welcome to the first Monthly Spotlight from Ondo Finance. Every month, we’ll be covering the latest developments from the forefront of real world asset (RWA) tokenization.

Last year, we established our leadership in the RWA space with our four primary products: the first tokenized security with material adoption (OUSG), the first transferrable, rebasing token given money market exposure (OMMF), the first tokenized bearer note (USDY), and the first protocol supporting tokenized securities collateral (Flux Finance).

Building on this momentum in 2024, we now seek to drive adoption, integrations, and liquidity. The month of January further strengthened this position, with Ondo Finance experiencing remarkable progress driven by strong institutional support for asset tokenization and an expanding network of valuable partnerships. Bolstered by our trusted partners, we are well-positioned for a promising year ahead. 

January Spotlights ⬇️

  1. 🧠 Larry Fink’s Prediction
  2. 🗺️ The Ondo Roadmap
  3. 🔓 Ondo Foundation Unlocks The $ONDO Token
  4. 🌐 Key Partnerships & The Ondo Ecosystem
  5. 🔢 Ondo Points!

🧠 Larry Fink’s Prediction

The World Economic Forum estimates $867 trillion in traditional financial assets ripe for tokenization. Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, envisions a future in which the financial industry reaps substantial benefits from this transformative process. In a statement, live on CNBC, he articulated:

ETFs are step one in the technological revolution in the financial markets. Step two is going to be the tokenization of every financial asset.

Ondo Finance is the market leader facilitating this transformation by scaling access to institutional-grade financial products onchain, including a tokenized version of Blackrock's Short Treasury Bond ETF (SHV).

🗺️ Ondo's Journey: Vision, Achievements, and the Path Forward

Ondo Finance CEO, Nathan Allman, unveiled our highly anticipated roadmap, providing comprehensive insights into our onward journey. From the tokenization of cash equivalents to our expansion into various public securities, Nathan delineates the forthcoming era of integrating regulated securities with public blockchains. He delves into our strategic partnerships and collaborations, which are playing a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of onchain institutional-grade financial products amidst the quickly-evolving landscape.

At Ondo, we hold a few core beliefs. The first is that over the next decade, the traditional and decentralized finance worlds will merge, with public blockchain technology underpinning it all. As that happens, significant value will be created. To be well-positioned to capture that value, we must create institutional-grade products and services and a brand that is trusted. To us, “institutional-grade” means (a) built and operated with security and transparency as bedrock principles; (b) legally and regulatorily compliant; (c) thoughtfully structured, both in terms of cost-effectiveness and investor protections; and (d) world-class customer/user experience. 

We also believe that we need to be pragmatic and agile. Macro conditions, the competitive landscape, the legal/regulatory environment, and even the underlying technology are constantly changing and improving. To be successful, we need to continue to innovate and build with quality while being responsive to market conditions.

As we begin 2024, we’d like to lay out how we see the industry today, where we think it’s going, and our roadmap for the future. Continue reading.

🔓 Ondo Foundation Unlocked The $ONDO Token

Ondo Finance is delighted to work alongside the Ondo Foundation in our mission to democratize access to institutional-grade finance. Ondo Foundation recently achieved a key milestone with the release of the $ONDO token lock-up, unlocking more decentralized governance and new opportunities.

The Ondo Foundation is excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey: the proposed release of the ONDO token lock-up. This marks a pivotal moment, aligning our community toward a future of open, transparent, and efficient global finance. This document provides a concise overview of ONDO's origin, its strategic role, and the planned token distribution that shapes our collective path forward. Continue reading.

🌐 Ondo Ecosystem

We launched the Ondo Ecosystem Directory – A list of the institutions, protocols, and networks aligned with our mission of delivering institutional-grade financial products onchain can now be easily found on our website. Some of the most recent additions include the following:

  • Wintermute to strengthen the multi-chain liquidity of Ondo’s US Dollar Yield token, $USDY.
  • Pyth Network to extend Ondo asset price feeds across numerous blockchains.
  • Pendle to enable DeFi participants with yield swaps, leveraging the composability of our tokenized cash equivalents.
  • RakkaR Digital to offer token holders in the Ondo Ecosystem an additional secure, transparent, and efficient financial solution for custody and beyond.
  • Nonco to bolster and deepen liquidity across chains for Ondo’s interest-bearing stablecoin alternative, $USDY. 

Ondo's mission is to make institutional-grade financial products and services available to everyone via the power of public blockchain both by tokenizing RWAs and developing financial protocols that integrate those tokens. The Ondo Ecosystem is the set of partners aligned with this mission, a network of strong partnerships with leading onchain providers across liquidity, custody, and other key onchain services. Continue reading.

🔢 Ondo Foundation Introduced Ondo Points

Ondo Foundation announced the launch of Ondo Points! Points reflect actual interest earned through our products like OUSG, and USDY, which are both available across multiple blockchains, while additional points can be earned for minting new USDY.

We are excited to announce the First Wave of our Ondo Points Program. This initiative is part of our ongoing effort to recognize and reward our community members and spread awareness of the Ondo Ecosystem. In the initial drop of Ondo Points via the “Wasted Stablecoin Campaign”, we awarded Points proportionate to interest income that holders of conventional stablecoins missed out on, encouraging them to learn about the Ondo Ecosystem’s interest-bearing alternatives. In this new campaign, Ondo Points will be awarded proportionately to the amount of interest each participant actually earns through OUSG, USDY, and Flux, as well as through other activities that support the Ondo Ecosystem. Continue reading.